Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cyclamens in window

Happy birthday mother!

Boldog születésnapot, anyuka!

The 26 Decembre come and went, and the new cyclamens for the 2011 are there in my window, - even if this photo is for last year.

Almost 50 times, every year I did buy her flowers for her birthday, I did speak to her about what I did accomplish the year that just passed.

She always wanted to know "all" about me.

Perhaps, she can not listen any more to it "personally" as she passed away at early age of 53, about 53 years ago, but I feel as if she is still listening, still caring.

I do not think as much as I used of my mother, but every end of the year, yes.

Nowadays, I also think more about my father, who was a humorous master storyteller. Jokes, tall tales of his life, and that of others too. Uplifting the mood in any hard bargaining between countries, people, he succeeded to make all like him.

My mother was too much puritan minded. She read lots of literature, listened to many tell their problems, and spoke but only one to one, usually. "A lady does not stand out"!

So, probably, I am not a lady. Even if sometimes I was looked at like it, because some things from education stick.

Mother and father would be delighted to know all I did this year, that thought reassures me when I read that I talk about "indignities" of old age.

Not true! I talk about how one can deal with dignity about what arrives us at that age!

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