Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lewisham TM 21 Dec

Great meeting yesterday, in our Toasmaster's Speakers group, in centre Lewisham.

Our visitor, Division Governor Richard Murray, also liked our new place and how we develop well.

We had many members present, and also three guests, whom we hope to see again in January, and join us.

Three of us spoke, and I made a speech, which was better at its beginning and end, but how could I have spoken about humour without making laugh?

Alas, I did.

Anyway, I was enchanted how much what we did was a team work, and each of our "committee" contributing to it, in its way, to make it well and going smooth.

Great year 2011, so many happened on the way! And I have to learn to take more smoothly adversity when it comes my way.

Will do, perhaps next year?

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