Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All is well, if finishes well

Julie 77 by Simon Turnbull, photographe, outsideThe Kindle, once I succeeded making it work and connect and open, is wonderful!

So, all is well in the world.

As it is, the end of this year for me. Even with two skin interventions and one cataract removed, some ups and downs, and a lot of work (and some money) spend on Comedy Workshops, the final result, brings me "fruits" and showing yes, I do have a comedy bone! The comic bone was deeply buried inside me, so it had to be unearthed.

Now, next year, I have to learn a bit more "improvisation"... and cultivate my comic...

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  1. Julie, your spunk and energy with a healthy attitude ....keeps you young at heart ... You are my inspiration.... many hugs to you! :-)