Friday, December 23, 2011

'Fake reaction" comedy prep at Westfield

One of the Comedy writers and two of the comedians before it all begun...

A very interesting afternoon in a studio at the Westfield shopping centre, near the BBC studios of London. I was invited, by the Comedy School director to assist, as audience.

I met at least three writers, it was produced together, and the original idea was not even theirs, came from someone  I did not met there, just as in books about writing together, for the television.

Here are two of them. and also I think, the one from the back. 
Comedy at Westfield-06
There were script girls and director and so many more to prepare the show!

Many comedians too! And the audience was also very interesting. Mr Cee was present too and another guy I met at the Comedy School, who had more then 600 gigs already behind him.

I also got the 'marketing' point, about all good food and one shitty for dogs... even if it did not register on the spot, it is not too apparent, the game "catches us"

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