Sunday, December 25, 2011

Noël 2011

That begun all with the two mamies Santa hat on their head.

That was very British.

But it continued with French traditional Chirsmas lunch. The "real" French in fact go to midnight mess and then only the dinner begins, but we had it the next day.

The only one who did not touch the "foi gras" that arrived directly from France, was my grand daughter. "They oblige them to eat." I did not tell her, that with chicken and other foods is not much better.

And the goat liver was faboulous, on toasted bagette slice and with spinach salad. And champagne!
Noël 2011F_0142 Foie Gras
We had freshly prepared chocolate at the end, the huge turkey was almost too much at the middle.

Before lunch, the gifts "Santa" brought were distributed by the youngest child, then we all opened them one by one. Three years ago, they still believed, now, each told from whom they came in fact.

Children grow up.

One of the biggest joys where with toys or coat that were nice to touch.
Noël 2011F_0119
and also

Noël 2011F_0136
Good mood, family fun, it was a great Christmas day!

We will remember it for long long time!

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