Friday, December 30, 2011

3000 visites!

Today, our Lewisham speakers blog arrived at 3000 visites! The blog opened in June, for the public, and since then in Six Month, had 3000 visits! Not too bad. We try to put only names, and not Family names in it, as it is open for all. It is for Guests, future Guests, New Members and Advanced Toastmasters alike.

Every meeting is shortly described, but also achievements of our members, videos of Toastmasters and Contests, fun and serious stuff, to make those who come, want to come back again. One can subsribe to the blog, so when there is a new post, it arrives as an email, directly to you. We are curently five to write in it, but open to all Members to send posts for the blog. We hope, it will be used more also as a forum.

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