Saturday, December 17, 2011

Julie "Faces"

All our experiences are "good" for something. At least, almost.

Our joys but even more our frustrations.

Once they passed, we can tell stories about them or even see them in a comic angle.

But why wait?

I learned that in the middle of frustration, I can think "I can make fun of this" and that can lower a lot the anxiety of what happens! It worked already twice, perhaps it will be from now on.

Friday's South London Press page 3 speaks about me - I think.

They publish about some of my experiences of Stand Up comedian at age 77, with a strongly misspelled name.but my photos; but also misquoting some of the things I have said, changing it. But whatever, they at least talk about me.

Oh, well, people will not find me if they look, perhaps for the best?

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