Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best picture of the year?

Those are perhaps the best images from 2011, that day of 29 April on Trafalger Square, all my set, taken that day, in less then two hours.

Participating, photgraphing, coming back with "documentary" images. All together, make up the mood of that day, there. The joy, the proudness, the participation of so many different people.

That is what this set does show.

Perhaps this image is the best from them, but I do like a lot also the one I put in front of this post.
Royal Celebration in Trafalgar Square 1737
And here is a link to the set.

This last day of the month and year, is the time for thinking what did I do, and all I did not do. And yes, in general, it was not a rich year for my photography, as the Stand Up and Toastmasters took so much of my energy. And of course, also my trips, skin treatment. and my eye operation,

But all in all, we all do what we can, what the "fate" lets us do too. I have no idea, at all what next year will bring, but perhaps, tomorrow, something will come up. In any way, there is a lot place to improvements on many activities I have undertaken.

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