Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The 31 Area Contest at Canary Wharf

I can not comment on the contest itself, as I was one of the many judges, but what I can say, that it had high standard.

We enjoyed, indeed all speeches, all were from previous winners in their club.

What I can tell is that I did enjoy also the two Contest Chairs. And I did enjoy to be able to answer to a Table Topics while the Counters Counted the last votes, I was delighted that with my answer I made the room laugh and laugh.

The question was simple, a quote about "uniqueness" from Oscar Wilde. I related my latest frustration with Standup comedy and one of the TM clubs, how each audience is different and how finally my uniqueness become a great asset.

It was probably the way I told it that made it enjoyable, it also gave me an idea for future speech and future standup!

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