Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to find?

So far away from Greenwich, or even King Cross London, this morning!

Someone favorited a picture I have taken 7 years ago at the occasion of my return with a car in Transylvania.
Hungarian art of Torocko 1
Not this one!

But this is one of the pictures for the set, I have taken in a small, tiny town under a huge rock, hidden in Transylvania, but not far from Cluj (my own Kolozsvàr, town I was born and grew up).


Torocko stronghold of the protestant Unitarian faith in the past, with one of the oldest churches in it, was visited by the writer Jokai Mor, around 1870, and he wrote a wonderful romantic historic novel which happens there.


I looked up the Map and in Romania, Transylvania, it did not come up at all!


Where it disapeared?

Well, finally, searching hours the web, I found it that the current romanian official name is Rimetea.

I now remembered, how difficult it was to find my way there, because of that change of name, not justified at all. They still have a similar name to Torocko, for the sourrounding mountain...and its trails. Almost all of 600 people living in Torocko is still Hungarian, so why change so much its name? I think it was one of the effort of the Comunist dictator Ceusescu to make forget that there is a Hungarian old history in Transylvania.

In that town, other then the old Unitarian church in the centre, there is a small but well furnished museum, a lavatory - still used when I was there in 2005 - and a wonderful old feeling with some very renovated houses to welcome visitors. The post office, was in a very old house and very romantic looking!

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