Friday, April 6, 2012

One more to go

Recent diaries photo, well it is a bit dated one. I do write a lot, for "myself" even if I tell stories and write blogs at the same time.

Rereading for the first time this morning, my Diary notebook which has only a page left. I begun this last one September 2010.

And yes, there is so much to use from it, to learn from it.

Interesting to see my path, from the last few month. I went into many things, without any idea where they will lead. Well, as usual.

I go and realize some that I projected long time or just the day before, but also stumble in some wonderful new path's that I never could have dreamed up, on the way to the other places or chasing other dreams.

Reading what one thought "before", at the "moment", is a fascinating experience. As well as expressing one's feelings of the moments and what we think was and will be.

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