Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I got my third trophee

First, was the big one at Comedy at Tooting in Decembre. The second is the framed "Silver Comedy" award from February, and now, yesterday evening at Cavendish Arms.

First between 16.

Well, in equality with another interesting woman comedian, but she told me I can take the trophee, as we could not cut it in two.

David, warm compère, was leading the night, same I met already at Dirty Dicks (the dead comedian's socks). It is great to meet also comedians already met in other venues.
Two clowns at Cavendish Arms
I also got yesterday a great video very professionally taken from the StandUp Sitdown comedy club, from my last week's performance.

What a nice surprise! I look in it charming!

Well, yes, that is the first time! In all other videos, I look, as I see myself often: too round, too old, too... well, you understand. But in this one I do really feel the sympathy coming from me to the audience. Thanks Ed Surname!

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