Friday, December 28, 2012

The other end

Try and try again.

One time, you'll get it right.

I have tried to photograph this lion a long time ago, more then four probably. Never could reproduce so well the texture.

This time it works.

Same with comedy. An idea, a text, from my notebooks, can be used, reused till I got it right and it works.

I begun to learn about comedy in February 2011, it seems yesterday, but almost two years have passed. And yes, I did expand my comfort zone, indeed. And learned. And made the audience laugh at different clubs 55 times already!

Well, first year was mostly learning and did really begin giggin' end October 2011. And did not gig a lot from August this year, so the 55 are concentrated.

Now, I will begin again to try out the wealth of material I find by recopying this first notebook. then of course the two others, too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Earth day in Greenwich parc

Well, earthday the tree was green, but Christmas Day bare, otherwise the Greenwich Royal Obervatory the same.

On earth, puddles of water, but we did avoid the rain, or let us say instead, the rain avoided us during our walk.

Always something the park gives when visited. This time, in two different places, the landscape suddenly illuminated by a stronger sun. The sun did not last long, just enough to make us its gift. But it was wonderful.

No camera to memorise it, only our mind's eyes. Our soul? It was enchanting.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Journal 25 Dec 1944

I got my first diary at Christmas 1944: I was ten. I accumulated many memories since then in many diaries.

Only this morning, reading a romance novel and finding a sentence in it, did i realise: it was throughout the years a wonderful outlet for my fears and anger and grief. It let me not live with it all looked inside me. It let me write them out on paper, "in secret" to speak it out even if to some other myself.

Through the years, many diaries, small or big, fancy as this one or very plain, with pen or pencil, all writing openly what I felt about what happened around me, with me.

Thanks mother for that wonderful gift. Even if you are no more here, for so many years now, I also speak with you every end of the year.

My mother was born a 26th December, like my biggest great son. He will be with me this year. My mother would be happy to hear, i have now 5 grand children and one with me in London this year. Already 19 year old!

Give a diary as gift to someone, it is a wonderful outlet, once one uses it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Time to Time

Rose leaves in Argenteuil garden after rain
From time to time, old images I have taken come out of the huge wall of now almost 53000 photographies on Flickr.

Someone, living far away, favourites it, or suddenly it becomes popular, probably published and linked somewhere.

Or, as this time with this image, I decide to put together a new set and find it through key word.

I am always stunned how much I remember, how the image lives again, how much conserving memories, through images or stories is worth!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter, 2012

December arrived, frost, first snowflakes, and a more quiet pace, as all prepare for end of year festivities.

A few last minute things to,do.

For me, a tv emission (prepared), it was unexpected. Interesting, even if I came tired out of it.

Lots of light in my eyes and staring at the camera's middle while I speak is unusual to me.

A great meeting, in my Toastmasters club, with two new members joined! And meeting old pals.

Today, the last this year's visit to the hospital. I do not even remember why, I feel better.

Soon, ten in my house (in a week): huge problem! I'll have to tidy it up!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

From Billgate's Fish market

I was stunned to read from Michael Caine's book, that his father was a porter in the fish market, called Billgate's.

Two years ago, I went there to take pictures of people and fish, all the activity.

Alas, his father then went to bet the money, so a lot less remained to the family. That remembered me another story, from Richard's father. Both came out of it with a strong will to gain money, and use it a lot more better.

I connected with Michael Caine, many times, even if our stories are so different: for example, he describes he went to Paris and a specific street, having read about it in a novel. I went to Ireland Clare county, to Cincinnati in US too, because the life in some novels I liked were there.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

I did not go, but

I did not go, but it came to me through my window, nearer higher then ever!

What a great good nice surprise!

Fireworks at Bonefire night-27

It is difficult to take a decent photo of fireworks. And I did attend the Blackheath ones a few time already.

Tonight, only what I can see from my window, and of course I also hear them.

It was today, a very lazy day for me.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Julie70's favorites

FlatironetteKeeping up appearancesJed + I in the Atlantic OceanNags Head Fishing PierHurricane Sandy's leavesSandy Storm Surge
IMG_6066FunBrixton TownDSC00135DSC00137DSC04621_edited-2
IMG_0371Sulla Via8/31/12Me in Aqua
P1020831Two happy children#13O #globalNOISE #GlobalNoise D-dorfhalf full or half empty?Enjoying life (self portrait, version II)Enjoying life (self portrait, version I)

Some of the photos I discovered on Flickr.
I admire and get inspired by.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall on my street in London

Fall arrived the forth year on my street.

How time flies!

How feelings change, but some other things remain the same.

Those are not the same leaves, even if there are on the same trees. My mother told me when I was 12 years old: this old chestnut tree is not as you or as I see it. I did not understand, what she wanted to convey! A tree was a tree, in the park for me. And even, one looked so similar to the other.

We are all different, feel different and also, are perceived otherwise depending who and when looks at us.

Are we still the same?

Somewhere, inside, perhaps. But I even accepted as I begun to tell stories about my life, that the past can change, depending how we look at it, how we tell about it, what we leave out or put in.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comedy School StandUp Diploma

Back after 18 month, I realised how much I have gone from then.

There have been a time that I've not been in a comedy club and I had almost forgotten the attraction to make laugh!

Opening last night, the representation of the students of the school of comedy, which they just finished, I not only realised the long way walked by me, 50 clubs and standup's, but the attraction and charm to make laugh, to bathe in the warm of the public's laughter.

Yes, I must continue!

With my operations on the face, I'm stopped for long weeks. So what? With the attitude and smile - and a bit of charm - everyone as it is can be accepted!

Full of new ideas came to me yesterday when preparing my gig set, and even on the way to the Pirate Castle where the show was held, in the presence of a very sympathetic audience of 30.

I did make them laugh, even by telling that I don't mind any more to prepare myself to come, first taking a shower, then shaving and even, snapping on my three missing front teeth: "Yes, i told them, it is charming for a kid of 7 years but not a 77! And, as it is not Halloween, I would not show you, now how I look without."

Also, I did make laugh the first time, telling about my Kindle purchase: bought because I did not see well with small letters, in the months before my cataract operation, but discovering now new use: so my five grandchildren do not know that I read "50 shades of grey" new erotic bestseller... And many others books like it.

One can make fun of oneself, but the listening to it does not make others laugh at me, but with me. We laugh about life. We laugh about how to confront his ups and downs. Mostly, the downs but with the right attitude.

They loved me, and I had did them. I have to return quickly, this makes me feel so better!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diwali Trafalgar Square

This photo was taken 4 years ago, as I just arrived in London and discovered its many festivals.

Sunday, Diwali, Festival of Lights again.

I hope, I can decide to,go out again, take some new photos. That Diwali, four years ago was unforgettable for me and the images I have taken that day, too.

First, the fear of mass. So many and so different faces.

Do I dare to go in?

I am so happy, I did! Getting to know other people, other cultures, others I short is so.rewarding!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Symbols in my room

Photographed in 2009, they are no more all there.

I gave away the small house as new house coming gift to my family, I do not think they understand how much that meant to me.

The calendars, are no more apparent, but I do have them. The small book, Budapest, still waits till I will do a similar book on Paris, London. Or other subjects.

It is still a goal, perhaps a day I will arrive there. It is a tiny book, but the images speak and the text is so poetic!

Today, anniversary of 1956 Hungarian 'revolution' in fact they just wanted a little bit of more liberty, and they were the first in the whole communist repressive regime to dare ask for it. Answer? A few weeks seemingly more open speech, then Russian tanks in the city. Concentration camps for the free speakers, artists, writers, workers. Blood, for the young students who dared to demonstrate.

The 1956 revolution, a turning point for many who realised the tyranny of communist regime then. Me too. From then on, I stopped to believe any of their propaganda. Yes, even if I did live in Bucarest that time, not in Budapest, Hungarian capital, it did change my life, too.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Street of Division B Contest

Yes, i went there, Camden near Holborn, for a contest, a workshop, but I still took time as I returned to look around.

These stones were interesting, and great to sit. And eat.

I did not sit, eat, I took three different photos of them. Nearer, farther, and from different perspective, too.

I loved specially their texture and shape.

I also love that nowadays, I take time to 'smell the roses on the way' - or, at least, take photos.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Winners TM contest Div. B

There is to different contest, one after the other. First, a humorous,speech contest, then a table topics contest. The later, was won the 5th (or more) time by our friend and teacher of standup comedy, David T Jones.

Can he think on his feet!

He begins funny to answer the question, and wile answering decided where to go and what to say about it.

It was again, awing to watch him.

I did like many others answer too, it was a great level of contest yesterday!

I am happy, this picture come out so well, with their first expression... After they both win.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Carnaval in London

So many events happening in London.

I should begin to go out and participate more often to one or the other.

Instead of hiding inside.

Instead of hiding behind a book or my Kindle.

Instead of only going out to a club or shopping.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Finding my teeth

I was searching for 30 hours for my teeth! My three front teeth who,went missing!

I found lot of old notebooks, books, eyeglasses I thought lost, but no denture.

My son come to rescue, and begun to look at the most impossible places! First, I was irritated. How can he look there! I'd never... And again and again. But... It is indeed how he found it. Under a pile of non washed plates, in the sink.

I have put, as usual, at night, in a cup of water, then for some reason, without looking, through the water out and the rest with it. Happy, it is big enough and did not go to,the drain!

Now, I am happy to have found it and soon, I will be able to make a joke about it. Not yet.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Random few from 50 000

Generated "random" each day, I am not sure this slide show will change, but the set for sure will

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Comedian's eye

Problems with teeth?

No more biting an apple or even a peach?

So what?

Cut in slices is as good, sweet and tasty!

And plus, I can now add a new paragraph to my comedy routine: "Born in Transylvaniania, but I am not a vampire! I can no more even bite!"

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hungarian layered pancakes yesterday in familly

Requested by my grandson, prepared by my son this great cake finished the good diner, prepared by my daughter in law yesterday evening.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New experiments for an old woman

Exciting days ahead of me. 

Tonight, a comedy Variety night, At The Finsbury, near Manor Tube, 8 30 pm, ten minutes my humorous tale "Unexpected" direct and hot from Edinburgh's True Tales performance where it had great success.

Thurday noon, a great Toastmasters meeting with London Trustmasters, 12 pm at Northern Trust - I am Grammarian. It seemed at first aquard, a Hungarian - French grammarian in English, even if only for an evening, but I learned to track Rethoric, that I can do. Or an expressions that build an image in the mind. (like the rusty car Barak used to go out to their first date with Michelle 'one could see through')  

Friday afternoon, a shortened version of my Unexpected true tale, at a new Comedy workshop experiment, combining gig, impro, storytelling with teaching about it, "Funny Fitzrovia" near Goodge Street Tube. 6 30 pm. 
   Fitzrovia at Fitzrovia Community Centre  comedy and workshop

Saturday,  5' standup comedy gig at a new place, a Variety spectacle, 'ye olde rose' way north of London. 

All this are part of Change and continuing Experimenting, and new places for an old woman. 

Stephanie, was almost blind and still sculpting and even teaching sculpture! "do not die before dying" she told me. She was the wisest woman I ever knew. Did live till 93 living the fullest she could. 

After all this rush, weeks to prepare the new area Storytelling workshop, that begins the 27th in CITI...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Club Kaleida opening

All singing together, with the singer musician at the opening of Kaleida club, near Algate station, and not far behind the Dirty Dick pub, where I have already performed once.

All day, I prepared for it, trying to forget that soon I'll have a minor surgery. Being preoccupied by something else, helps a lot.

I opened my set in the middle and put it three different new bits, in fact, four, to make it thicker. Three of four where hits, the forth I'll have to reformulate still.

In all, my performance went very well, and I provoked lots of laughter. I also learned, that the cabaret or variety audience is less reactive, less keen to answer, to shout, then those used to comedy clubs. They still enjoy it a lot and laugh, but they react differently. It is not so difficult to adjust to it one one realize it.

It was great, the organizers were also happy with the result of my performance and, for the first time, I was paid for Comedy, not only for Storytelling. And now, I am sure, I have 10 or more minutes!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

President Clinton for Obama - historic speech!

Historic rhetoric and one of best politic speech I ever heard!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Chatting in a train

On the train towards Edinburgh, at some time, she came in, going on a weekend of walking alone in an Island.

In perhaps, an hour, we learned a lot about each other.

I had three young interesting women around me, two going to the festival, this one to walk along the shore, alone.

Each for holiday, just for a few days, and with all three a great contact. But finally I learned more about her.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The naked presenter

The naked presenter by Garr Reinolds, a book about how to present before public, staying, somehow like in a Japonaise commun bath, "naked" open, vulnerable to communicate more effectively, with more power.

Allowing yourself to be exposed.

Expressing freely, washing away before all it is not necessary, nothing letting come between the audience and the presenter.

Removing the walls and barriers. Confident yet vulnerable and flexible.

So much noise this days about "naked" - so what?

First, it depends on the culture. Then, in my opinion we are the same, clothed or not. It is no such big deal!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Manchester True Tales

Here in Manchester at Grant's True Tales before the tellings with Peter from America.

He was now the organizer of most of the "how to" in Edinburgh.

There is a new group True Tales on Facebook and I just received this:

"Анастасия Сотникова Thank you very much to you, Mrs.Kertiz! Your story tald 2 years ago in Manchester was the one who inspired all Russian Grant's PR team and better then any other presentations explained the concept, the spirit and the values of the project ♥

Well, my name is not precisely spelled but I was really stunned by this wonderful homage.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We can be proud of London

Well, not London itself, but all those Londoners who worked to make the Games and transport smooth.

"During the Games, the Tube carried over 60 million passengers, an increase of 30 per cent compared to last year; that’s more passengers than at any time in our 149 year history. The DLR carried over 6 million passengers, an increase of over 100 per cent compared to last year and London Overground carried almost 6 million passengers, an increase of 47 per cent compared to last year. Again, that’s more passengers than ever before. Traffic on our roads kept flowing and buses coped well."

Send to me by Transport to London, who did give each day - to those who requested - infos about travelling. 

Here I am with two of those unsong heroes who day by day went to smooth our travel and life.Charing Cross by Wasalsah1d

Monday, August 13, 2012

Madame Pompadour arrives to Edinburgh

It is not the Queen, it is Mme Pompadour arriving near the, closed to circulation, High Street in Edinburgh.

It was an impressive arrival!

Magnificent horse, and costume for the actress so pleased to pose. And a great publicity for the show. I took also some of her pictures and a few different of the horse, too.

Now home in London, and ready to go for other adventures, but so much more to tell about my week in Ed!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making memories at Charing Cross Station

I did not realise the "funky pigeos" and would like a lot to know what it means and why it is in the Charing Cross station, but it seems funny as a background.

Back to London, back to Olympic games and to exchange words and photos with those who think "these are exceptional times, let us make memories!"

The new telephones one of them had send me instant email with this photo : one told how to the other did it, that was a real teamwork.

"Would you also pose with us? We will put it in the station to remember the Olympic games and those we met at this very special occasion!" 

Charing Cross Station
I had to go to an important meeting, but what a joy to meet this three in the station!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Our true stories are somehow like this trees reflected in the Paris' St. Martin Canal.

True trees, true memories. Somewhat blurred. Crafted. Rewritten to reflect even better how we feel, now, what happened, then.

A tree, this tree, tried to tell me my mother, when I was 12 perhaps, it all depends... I did not believe her! This chestnut tree in this park, is solid and old, and gives chestnuts - as every year. How can it be different?

The past changes, I read in a book ten years ago. It is not true! How can what happened in the past change? I told myself.

It all depends, what light falls on it, told Stendhall, long ago. It depends? Why?

Until I begun to craft stories. True stories, to tell.

Then I begun to understand.

Then I understood all.

Perhaps the past events can not be changed, but how we look at them, how we feel about them, makes a huge difference! And then, the chestnut tree becomes your childhood tree, either where you crashed as you drove first your bike not knowing yet how to stop, or the tree under which someone hold you dear.

Is it the same tree?

Is it the same park?

The memory plays with us, but we also play with it, while we tell true stories of our life. The light we colour it different, from each tale and each telling and audience. Sadder, more joyful or playfully.

Each story is connected to our life. And to the life of others too. My grand great mothers stories, my grandmothers diaries, my fathers tales live in me like I was there, myself.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

On the Fringe street - enjoying the show

On the streets, in the clubs, so many shows, so much to enjoy for all!

Today, comedy after the true tale event for me. For the first time, two shows in one day!

Tomorrow, I was invited to a Toastmasters meeting, 'back in family' before I leave Edinburgh.