Saturday, October 27, 2012

Comedy School StandUp Diploma

Back after 18 month, I realised how much I have gone from then.

There have been a time that I've not been in a comedy club and I had almost forgotten the attraction to make laugh!

Opening last night, the representation of the students of the school of comedy, which they just finished, I not only realised the long way walked by me, 50 clubs and standup's, but the attraction and charm to make laugh, to bathe in the warm of the public's laughter.

Yes, I must continue!

With my operations on the face, I'm stopped for long weeks. So what? With the attitude and smile - and a bit of charm - everyone as it is can be accepted!

Full of new ideas came to me yesterday when preparing my gig set, and even on the way to the Pirate Castle where the show was held, in the presence of a very sympathetic audience of 30.

I did make them laugh, even by telling that I don't mind any more to prepare myself to come, first taking a shower, then shaving and even, snapping on my three missing front teeth: "Yes, i told them, it is charming for a kid of 7 years but not a 77! And, as it is not Halloween, I would not show you, now how I look without."

Also, I did make laugh the first time, telling about my Kindle purchase: bought because I did not see well with small letters, in the months before my cataract operation, but discovering now new use: so my five grandchildren do not know that I read "50 shades of grey" new erotic bestseller... And many others books like it.

One can make fun of oneself, but the listening to it does not make others laugh at me, but with me. We laugh about life. We laugh about how to confront his ups and downs. Mostly, the downs but with the right attitude.

They loved me, and I had did them. I have to return quickly, this makes me feel so better!

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