Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Symbols in my room

Photographed in 2009, they are no more all there.

I gave away the small house as new house coming gift to my family, I do not think they understand how much that meant to me.

The calendars, are no more apparent, but I do have them. The small book, Budapest, still waits till I will do a similar book on Paris, London. Or other subjects.

It is still a goal, perhaps a day I will arrive there. It is a tiny book, but the images speak and the text is so poetic!

Today, anniversary of 1956 Hungarian 'revolution' in fact they just wanted a little bit of more liberty, and they were the first in the whole communist repressive regime to dare ask for it. Answer? A few weeks seemingly more open speech, then Russian tanks in the city. Concentration camps for the free speakers, artists, writers, workers. Blood, for the young students who dared to demonstrate.

The 1956 revolution, a turning point for many who realised the tyranny of communist regime then. Me too. From then on, I stopped to believe any of their propaganda. Yes, even if I did live in Bucarest that time, not in Budapest, Hungarian capital, it did change my life, too.

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