Friday, December 28, 2012

The other end

Try and try again.

One time, you'll get it right.

I have tried to photograph this lion a long time ago, more then four probably. Never could reproduce so well the texture.

This time it works.

Same with comedy. An idea, a text, from my notebooks, can be used, reused till I got it right and it works.

I begun to learn about comedy in February 2011, it seems yesterday, but almost two years have passed. And yes, I did expand my comfort zone, indeed. And learned. And made the audience laugh at different clubs 55 times already!

Well, first year was mostly learning and did really begin giggin' end October 2011. And did not gig a lot from August this year, so the 55 are concentrated.

Now, I will begin again to try out the wealth of material I find by recopying this first notebook. then of course the two others, too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Earth day in Greenwich parc

Well, earthday the tree was green, but Christmas Day bare, otherwise the Greenwich Royal Obervatory the same.

On earth, puddles of water, but we did avoid the rain, or let us say instead, the rain avoided us during our walk.

Always something the park gives when visited. This time, in two different places, the landscape suddenly illuminated by a stronger sun. The sun did not last long, just enough to make us its gift. But it was wonderful.

No camera to memorise it, only our mind's eyes. Our soul? It was enchanting.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Journal 25 Dec 1944

I got my first diary at Christmas 1944: I was ten. I accumulated many memories since then in many diaries.

Only this morning, reading a romance novel and finding a sentence in it, did i realise: it was throughout the years a wonderful outlet for my fears and anger and grief. It let me not live with it all looked inside me. It let me write them out on paper, "in secret" to speak it out even if to some other myself.

Through the years, many diaries, small or big, fancy as this one or very plain, with pen or pencil, all writing openly what I felt about what happened around me, with me.

Thanks mother for that wonderful gift. Even if you are no more here, for so many years now, I also speak with you every end of the year.

My mother was born a 26th December, like my biggest great son. He will be with me this year. My mother would be happy to hear, i have now 5 grand children and one with me in London this year. Already 19 year old!

Give a diary as gift to someone, it is a wonderful outlet, once one uses it.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

From Time to Time

Rose leaves in Argenteuil garden after rain
From time to time, old images I have taken come out of the huge wall of now almost 53000 photographies on Flickr.

Someone, living far away, favourites it, or suddenly it becomes popular, probably published and linked somewhere.

Or, as this time with this image, I decide to put together a new set and find it through key word.

I am always stunned how much I remember, how the image lives again, how much conserving memories, through images or stories is worth!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter, 2012

December arrived, frost, first snowflakes, and a more quiet pace, as all prepare for end of year festivities.

A few last minute things to,do.

For me, a tv emission (prepared), it was unexpected. Interesting, even if I came tired out of it.

Lots of light in my eyes and staring at the camera's middle while I speak is unusual to me.

A great meeting, in my Toastmasters club, with two new members joined! And meeting old pals.

Today, the last this year's visit to the hospital. I do not even remember why, I feel better.

Soon, ten in my house (in a week): huge problem! I'll have to tidy it up!