Friday, December 28, 2012

The other end

Try and try again.

One time, you'll get it right.

I have tried to photograph this lion a long time ago, more then four probably. Never could reproduce so well the texture.

This time it works.

Same with comedy. An idea, a text, from my notebooks, can be used, reused till I got it right and it works.

I begun to learn about comedy in February 2011, it seems yesterday, but almost two years have passed. And yes, I did expand my comfort zone, indeed. And learned. And made the audience laugh at different clubs 55 times already!

Well, first year was mostly learning and did really begin giggin' end October 2011. And did not gig a lot from August this year, so the 55 are concentrated.

Now, I will begin again to try out the wealth of material I find by recopying this first notebook. then of course the two others, too.

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