Sunday, January 31, 2010

Road closed: Choices

One can go around, one can go by another root, but one can not go through this road.

Why we choose to take, to show one image and not another, between so many possibilities around us?

The image tells us something.

This road-block spoke to me about "closed road", roads I could not take. Roads that closed before me. Sometimes, I had to take a very long route to arrive where I have wanted to, because of that one road closed.

It is true, that often, at the long range, the detour become more interesting, my life richer, but how long it seemed at the time to have that road closed for me!

.When I met Elena Ceausescu, and because of that short meeting was forbidden to continue my research, then to work anywhere in the country, and then, just before my last test forbidden to finish my studies, life seemed so dark, all colors gone out from it.

It took us two years to go out of the country, it took me almost 15 years to obtain a diploma, instead of that lost, when I was young. It is a long time, fifteen years.

"You cannot begin to study again at that age!" I was told. I'll do. I need to prove to myself, and I do need a diploma, too. I was not 25 years old but past 40 when I finally got it. But I did.

All those thoughts coming out from a simple roadblock, near my house. And it is not even this with the truck going near it, passing, that opened the "gate" to all these ideas, it was this one.
Road block
When I could no more follow the normal, usual, hoped for way, I had to make a very long detour, but yes, finally I did arrive to something similar if not identical.

I also had the incentive to go out, to find a new country, to begin a new life, and I found a free society outside the blocked place, where I would have stayed otherwise.

There are so many, often unconscious thoughts and feelings when we take one photo instead of another, and sometimes we do now at the moment why, other times we find out later, or remain with the image without even realizing how profound its meaning affect us.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blue sky great clouds

It was cold, but looking at the sky, I told myself "the spring is not far away". I was wrong.

An hour later, the snow arrived on London.

No, it did not last, it did snow only five minutes, enough to put some on the cars, enough for the girls to dance in the snow with joy.

I did not "got" the dancing girls, as the snow stopped, in less then three minutes, or five.

My grand daughter went out without coat, dancing in the snow, almost eating it, let it come on her face: it was a joy too look at her and the other girls too.

Do I dare to go out now? It did snow a blt also this night.

Friday, January 29, 2010

BBC Learning English Dot Com

Linking on the web is so important!

One can go from one to the other and discover, waw, lots of important things.

This morning I got an email "circuits" from New York Times, as usual each week, and from there I found a link to another article in the same journal about "learning languages on the web" and from theire, to the free language learning from BBC.

At first, I was unhappy, that all there was up the front where languages one can learn, when one IS English, but going down the page it was also English!

You can learn also English: pronunciation, spelling, grammar, etc. with podcasts (radio or voice) or even videos! and also, of course text. A very nice woman in the video does show you all the 44 English sounds, so much more then the 26 letters, plus of ourse, never used or not often as one should believe.

Not only that, but also example of linking words together, not prononcing some of the letters at all, etc. Great examples, to go back, to listen!

There was once, also direct "insert video" there is no more, so I'll have to insert it differently, or just give a link, to it, to let it see on the bbc web site.
Anyway, each of us can discover what we are interested, as long as we find the first link to it. When a year ago I was looking at learning pronunciation, I did not find this site. But perhaps the time for it arrived, now.

For all those "sounds" written here in international "letters" there is a somewhat more or less English way to say it, some of it, I could find equivalent in my first language, Hungarian, other in Romanian, and others nothing at all in any others then English. Those sounds from coming from far or very close, I am not sure I'll ever pronounce well, but at least, I can learn not to say "pioneer" as in Romanian or French, but do say pajoniar, instead of I or Ia, to say Aj - aie!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


f fav 6

It is not easy when one takes photos to decide which will catches others eyes, or make them want to see one of them again. Here are five photos, and a story, that was thus chosen. I am happy to see that two of them are from the 1est of January London parade, three from my Paris street walks. Moments in life caught.

My own prefered from these one's is the old man crossing the street slowly, going home after he had bought a bagette. It was taken at the spur of the moment from far, this one and another when he was a bit farther. I could do it, because he went so slowly.

I was also fascinated with the old Chinese elegant gentleman, making gym movements in the park of the 3rd arrondissmant one morning. Somehow, so "un-French" to do it so dressed up and in open. This was also taken from far away, also for the young women, I did ask and she even looked back again and smiled happy that I said I admire how she looks.

f fav 5
Here is another screen dump from Flickr River, using my favorited pictures, one can see six then other six, but somehow, strangely, those so different pictures go well together. Just some tables waiting for spring and customers, a speeding moto while all the cars, and me too in mine were waiting for the road to clear up, a new summer dressed beautiful girl I admired but did not ask for permission to take in Paris 18e, the duck at in Raymond, the London Tube (the only one who is from last year here) and some flowers from May in Argenteuil, as I do remember.

How all  this disparate images go together, I am not sure, but I feel they do.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baguette from Boulengerie Jade

In fact, there are lots of places one can find a good baguette in London, this was only one of the prettiest.

But it was also good.

I just finished the last part of it this morning.

The problem with this kind of bread, most of French baguettes indeed, is that they do not last. They dry very fast, or become crunchy, alas.

It is said "when you are dealt a lemon, make a lemonade", this morning, I made a Toast from the last part of it.

It was more difficult to think about my yesterday storytelling, with which even if its evaluation was great, I found pitiful. At the beginning, I was searching for words, was not sure enough of myself. Afraid to pronounce badly one word, I did mispronounce badly the other.

Only half way, my story got off the ground and my telling improved a bit. And of course, the nice welcome of the audience, helped me too, also it was the worse of my contact with the audience, from the beginning of last year!

Well, next time can be only better...

But at least, in my blog about Competent Communication, I"ll have what to analyze, what to discuss, and finally, make a lemonade from the lemon.

Monday, January 25, 2010

No more snow

It looks gray and bare, but somewhere the life is there, and soon, in a ew weeks, the trees will become green again.

I do not despair.

Six years ago, I opened my first (french) blog, in five years of blogging, lot has happened, and I did prove what was my intention at the first day, what I just hoped I could: There is life after 70.

Until I am 80 at least, I can tell, can I not, I am after 70?

The readers of my blog, and those who looked, and sometimes even commented on them, understood my meanings, or discussed it with me, helped me to live a fuller life.

This blog, begun a lot later, when I begin to think that I'll go to London, and of course, after my arrival here it went on, learning slowly to communicate, perhaps a bit better in English.

What is interesting is that each of my blogs has its own characteristic, its life, its personality, of which I was not really aware when I begun them. Each shows part of me, more or less private or public part.

And now, I have to add also my newest one "Competent Comunicator", the name of the Toastmasters Manual. As much as I would like to become, better, I did not become "competent communicator" just by giving my first ten - even 12 speeches, and reading books or beginning to tell stories.

I opened that blog, to speak in it about public speaking and storytelling and all what is around it. To tell about from where one can learn and how, at least a bit of my experience.

Opening a new blog, after my 75 years, just proves I was not entirely wrong when I decided my first's blog title: there is life after seventy, and the web did and does help me to make it even better.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

P 19 Magazine Argenteuil 2010 Jan

This is the half of the page, of the paper, speaking on my "blog and photo" activities, that just appeared in the January number of Argenteuil magazine, distributed to all those living in the city where I spend 7 years.

They did not put any of the other photos, they choose finally to put one, self portrait, taken on a very grey day, a bit before I left the town.

Could I translate it? I'll try. Here it is.

Mamie & blogger

For this 75-year-old Internet has more
secrets. Julie runs numerous blogs
and talks about her passion
for Argenteuil

You can go see my photos
in Flickr! "

" Where? "Julie Kertesz at 75 speaks a language that many 30 years may not not known. The language of the Internet, the global network that connects millions all over the world for whom the mouse and tabs have nothing to do with the animals or stalls of butchers.

"I use it a lot since 2004, but I discovered in the 1990s at CNAM
(Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). In addition to my various blogs in French and in English, I put videos on Dailymotion, stories about me in a from five years, pictures on I have now over 35 000 there, seen by thousands of people each day. Besides groups discussion in which I participate and those that I have created, "she explains.

On their pages, often one can found Argenteuil where she arrived in 2001 because her family history, and where she lived for seven years. Julie was then a real  figure of the town's world.
"I was invested in various associations, such as the Agora, the Argenteuil without borders or the workers Maghreb.

A native of Transylvania Romanian and Hungarian mother tongue,
she melted in diversity argenteuillaise like a fish in water.

Arriving in France at the age of 30 years, Julie now set his keyboards in London.
Inevitably, she has created a new blog his adventures in the British capital. "I followed there my son, " she  explains.

Her use of the Internet tools is alike those of the net savvy, for whom the web has become a world apart a complete a public place where they speak, share their enthusiasm or excitement.
"On the web I connect, socialize, and learn a lot. I have friends photographers in Autralia, Japan, Norway, France or California, " marvels Julie.

Incongruous for her age? She laughs almost. "One finds a lot of retired people the net. You can surf after 70 years. I have a friend of 86 years who just started " she assures me.

The web is also a way to maintain a link with France from which she remains very committed
to Argenteuil Julie has participated for exemple, the festival on the banks of the Seine in May. Facing the world but also his family and his grandchildren, are her priority for 2010.

Tell me Grandma, what's a "geek"? S.Le.

On the Web

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blurred image

Usually I through away my blurred images, but somehow I do like this one, it seems to me like a painting.

I did it fast and without flash.

Later, I asked the three young women if I can take a picture and they said me yes, so I put on the flash and have taken one, of them, posing more or less.

That other image is ok, but it tells something else, again.
Smoking before a pub - flash

Each, adding something to the mood and the story.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going out, wonderful

The blue hour, fog, cold, humid, but how wonderful to be out!

Active again. Not only with my grand children, but also begining a new actiity. That group, between London Independent Photographers and Goldsmith, had its first meeting, and already gave me lots of new ideas.

Plus, as I hope and heard it, it will help us with "infrastructure", expos, showing what we did, publishing it perhaps, and even better, making different collaboration.

New hopes, new ideas. New year begun for me yesterday.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tracking a quiet dawn

I hope the water does not go down from my flat, but it has to be looked at anyway.

Go out, look.

Go out, buy coffee.

Go out, move!

The break "snow break, winter break" is over.

Now, my new season, and year begins!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

LIP Goldsmith group on Urban PHotography

Tuesday, starts a new collaboration, between Goldsmith students and professors interested in Urban photography, and the Greenwich's London Independent Photographers.

I look forward to it and I am sure will learn a lot from that collaboration.

Already, I look different at some of my photos I have taken lately in Depford, wich is the area that fascinates me most around here.

I went there first because my daughter in law went with a photo--class from Greenwich, to the market of Depford's High Street, then as directed by John, leader of our Greenwich Lip, on a weekend photowalk. I went back alone, and with Rachel and then Rachel and her husband again, and again.

Each time, the same streets offer me new insights and bring me new stories.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

So important to dream

If one looks at this picture, one can see the children, living in a huge house, near a bridge, but then also the water, who goes far and in the dream they take the boat like so many did before and travel far.

Or, in their dream, they are their parents or grand partents who did arrive, there, but no more cut, the image and the dream link the far away place and here now together.

Part of the Depford wall where I go back, again and again.

Click on the image if you want to see it in more detail, on my flickr there is also a panorama of the whole wall, and one can see, in large size, the details part by part too. So much is expressed on that wall!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looking down this morning

It did snow a little the night, but some have already departed to work, as I looked down this morning.

Others can be a lot more courageous, be better equiped also then me for a bit of winter and a little snow, but I have to admit, I did not dare to go out.

I intended to go to my Toasmasters meeting yesterday, but my calf was hurting, so I did not dare.

I knew that taking more then two hours photos while strolling is all I can take, but did not imagine that three hours standing, without moving could be worse.

I learned now, and the leg will be better with time - I hope.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Matt Weinstein: Video on

Matt Weinstein: What Bernie Madoff couldn't steal from me | Video on

Let us make the most of every oportunity.

"people are not disturbed by things but by how people react to them

we cannot choose our external circomstances but we can choose how we react to them"

it was true 2000 years ago and it is true today too, so finally a speech can let us see another side of our own story, or someone else's, can also help others see it differently, and thus we can "make a lemonade out of a lemon"


Monday, January 11, 2010

Videos on YouTube: Tuna Univ. Granada

Videos on YouTube: Till now, I did succeed to put four or five of the videos on it, here are the last two. Those are the people who before and after the spectacle were happy to pose and even sing for me, and happy if I put the spectacle on web.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Granada granada

I took lots of videos the 19th December in Granada, and do ot know what to do with them. My new program, makes a great video of them, even the sound is better, but so big, huge, that I cannot upload it to show.

So I put up some of the images from the evening, and did try to upload a partial video, and it went so slowly theat all the morning got up only about 15 percent of all.

Ok, I'll have to find something else or another program that makes thinner videos. Or just put them on, one by one.

Did I already show here any of them?

Probably, the first I uploaded.

Here is at least a slidshow of the last uploaded images from that day.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Snow in the courtyard

On the tree, the fir, it is beautiful, but on the ground alas, icy.

So I try to go out for the moment the minimum I need. This morning my family helped to make provisions for a few days ahead, so other then helping out with the children there is nothing very urgent to push me out of the door.

For the moment, other then my couryard, and even that is quite icy, I did not feel the impulse to go out alone.

I have thought, lately, that I feel just, if I have the disadvantage of age, at least have some of the advantages too. But each thinks differently, of course. We could have at least accept each others point of view... I belive.

Friday, January 8, 2010

London 2010 New Year Day Parade, take 1

Here are the short videos put together, it will give a good taste of that parade, also I think I'll have to spend more time later, to combine it with speech, relating my feelings or impressions, but for sure some of the pictures I took of those in the parade.

New Year Parade 2010 London - Mix1
by julie70

The hand taking photos is not mine, another woman took for some time as many as me if not more and perching, even disturbed me a lot at the beginning. 

Here is the long one of different takes but this takes 9 minutes in all, should I add "space" photos in it? cut?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Granada, song and music

As it snows and if not the roads are icy, I stay home and slowly, upload my videos from the great spectacle the 19th December in Granada.

Here is one, called "Granada" in Spanish of course, but a good tenor and music are international.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From the window

This was taken yesterday morning at eight, a wonderful sunrise from my window.

Today, I had the surprise to find everything covered with a thin lawyer of snow, but the sky is covert. I did not see snowing yet, but it will arrive soon. Happy that I do not have to go out, unless I really want to, until tonight.

Brr. The winter is here now, the "real winter", fall seems far away.

But the new year activities begun, yesterday with my grand children preparing their lessons for today, first day of school, and today, with me going to my first Toastmasters meeting of the year.

A father from USA wrote me this morning: "did you take my daughter's band photos, they also demonstrated in London's New year parade?" Is not flickr and the web wonderful?! Now, me freezing and taking photos and videos in center, the first of January has taken for me yet another color, and interest. I hope, I'll find his daughter between my images, so his father from far away can see her.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I have a Television!

This would not be interesting, but for nine whole years I did not have a television, so for me it is a new thing.

Nine years ago, it was me who decided, after having be obliged to sleep later, as my husband wanted to see the programs late and the tele was very near our bed, I had enough: computer is more important for me and I do not want to waist my time looking at the, often bad, teve programs.

I did not really miss it, and when I arrived in London, there was a very bad tele here that I could use, when it worked, mostly I used it to look at speeches in the Parliament and some news. It was huge and very heavy and finally I got read of it.

Now I have a small but numeric and thin television, I hope, listening, from time to time, will improve my English, and, sometimes, bring me some amusement too. Perhaps, I will be also to look through it in a bigger size then my portable computer, to my photos. 22 inch is not so bad already!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Common effort

Better seen in big size HERE Click on the picture, makes it even bigger, the second one smaller again.
This is the fruit of long and common effort.

First, a photowalk due to John Levett, who leads the Greenwich London Independent Photographer's group, last spring. It was then that I discovered that wall in Depford. It fascinated me, but being so big and so long, I did not know what to do with it, other then take a few details here or there.

Last month, in the Flickr Afterclass group, we studied about Panoramas. I did not know really how to use it effectively yet nor how to stitch pictures together.I just felt, once it could be important.

Yesterday, I was walking with blogger and flickr friends, the same that invited me to their place mid England last spring and showing them that wall. Suddenly, I decided it could be a good panorama subject, being so long and, after me, interesting. Drawn by children from the nearby houses.

In the evening, I also discovered that my own Photoshop Elements 6 that I used so long time already can Photomerge! And this morning, full of new energy I did it. Here it is, thank to all who contributed to it.

Good new year 2010 with friendship, of different people, as it shows on this wall of Depford, London.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

London's New Year Parade details

Today I looked through the photos that I did not put yesterday on the web, and found interesting scenes and details.

Human interactions.

Human emotions.

Young and old, it was a great day for us, but young and old, it was even a greater day for those who were in the parade.

Here are some pictures from the second set, from my today morning's upload.

Good new year to all of you!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Freezing sunny New Year in London

Some pictures from the New Year day parade in center London