Saturday, January 23, 2010

P 19 Magazine Argenteuil 2010 Jan

This is the half of the page, of the paper, speaking on my "blog and photo" activities, that just appeared in the January number of Argenteuil magazine, distributed to all those living in the city where I spend 7 years.

They did not put any of the other photos, they choose finally to put one, self portrait, taken on a very grey day, a bit before I left the town.

Could I translate it? I'll try. Here it is.

Mamie & blogger

For this 75-year-old Internet has more
secrets. Julie runs numerous blogs
and talks about her passion
for Argenteuil

You can go see my photos
in Flickr! "

" Where? "Julie Kertesz at 75 speaks a language that many 30 years may not not known. The language of the Internet, the global network that connects millions all over the world for whom the mouse and tabs have nothing to do with the animals or stalls of butchers.

"I use it a lot since 2004, but I discovered in the 1990s at CNAM
(Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). In addition to my various blogs in French and in English, I put videos on Dailymotion, stories about me in a from five years, pictures on I have now over 35 000 there, seen by thousands of people each day. Besides groups discussion in which I participate and those that I have created, "she explains.

On their pages, often one can found Argenteuil where she arrived in 2001 because her family history, and where she lived for seven years. Julie was then a real  figure of the town's world.
"I was invested in various associations, such as the Agora, the Argenteuil without borders or the workers Maghreb.

A native of Transylvania Romanian and Hungarian mother tongue,
she melted in diversity argenteuillaise like a fish in water.

Arriving in France at the age of 30 years, Julie now set his keyboards in London.
Inevitably, she has created a new blog his adventures in the British capital. "I followed there my son, " she  explains.

Her use of the Internet tools is alike those of the net savvy, for whom the web has become a world apart a complete a public place where they speak, share their enthusiasm or excitement.
"On the web I connect, socialize, and learn a lot. I have friends photographers in Autralia, Japan, Norway, France or California, " marvels Julie.

Incongruous for her age? She laughs almost. "One finds a lot of retired people the net. You can surf after 70 years. I have a friend of 86 years who just started " she assures me.

The web is also a way to maintain a link with France from which she remains very committed
to Argenteuil Julie has participated for exemple, the festival on the banks of the Seine in May. Facing the world but also his family and his grandchildren, are her priority for 2010.

Tell me Grandma, what's a "geek"? S.Le.

On the Web

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