Thursday, January 28, 2010


f fav 6

It is not easy when one takes photos to decide which will catches others eyes, or make them want to see one of them again. Here are five photos, and a story, that was thus chosen. I am happy to see that two of them are from the 1est of January London parade, three from my Paris street walks. Moments in life caught.

My own prefered from these one's is the old man crossing the street slowly, going home after he had bought a bagette. It was taken at the spur of the moment from far, this one and another when he was a bit farther. I could do it, because he went so slowly.

I was also fascinated with the old Chinese elegant gentleman, making gym movements in the park of the 3rd arrondissmant one morning. Somehow, so "un-French" to do it so dressed up and in open. This was also taken from far away, also for the young women, I did ask and she even looked back again and smiled happy that I said I admire how she looks.

f fav 5
Here is another screen dump from Flickr River, using my favorited pictures, one can see six then other six, but somehow, strangely, those so different pictures go well together. Just some tables waiting for spring and customers, a speeding moto while all the cars, and me too in mine were waiting for the road to clear up, a new summer dressed beautiful girl I admired but did not ask for permission to take in Paris 18e, the duck at in Raymond, the London Tube (the only one who is from last year here) and some flowers from May in Argenteuil, as I do remember.

How all  this disparate images go together, I am not sure, but I feel they do.

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