Sunday, January 31, 2010

Road closed: Choices

One can go around, one can go by another root, but one can not go through this road.

Why we choose to take, to show one image and not another, between so many possibilities around us?

The image tells us something.

This road-block spoke to me about "closed road", roads I could not take. Roads that closed before me. Sometimes, I had to take a very long route to arrive where I have wanted to, because of that one road closed.

It is true, that often, at the long range, the detour become more interesting, my life richer, but how long it seemed at the time to have that road closed for me!

.When I met Elena Ceausescu, and because of that short meeting was forbidden to continue my research, then to work anywhere in the country, and then, just before my last test forbidden to finish my studies, life seemed so dark, all colors gone out from it.

It took us two years to go out of the country, it took me almost 15 years to obtain a diploma, instead of that lost, when I was young. It is a long time, fifteen years.

"You cannot begin to study again at that age!" I was told. I'll do. I need to prove to myself, and I do need a diploma, too. I was not 25 years old but past 40 when I finally got it. But I did.

All those thoughts coming out from a simple roadblock, near my house. And it is not even this with the truck going near it, passing, that opened the "gate" to all these ideas, it was this one.
Road block
When I could no more follow the normal, usual, hoped for way, I had to make a very long detour, but yes, finally I did arrive to something similar if not identical.

I also had the incentive to go out, to find a new country, to begin a new life, and I found a free society outside the blocked place, where I would have stayed otherwise.

There are so many, often unconscious thoughts and feelings when we take one photo instead of another, and sometimes we do now at the moment why, other times we find out later, or remain with the image without even realizing how profound its meaning affect us.

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