Sunday, September 9, 2012

Club Kaleida opening

All singing together, with the singer musician at the opening of Kaleida club, near Algate station, and not far behind the Dirty Dick pub, where I have already performed once.

All day, I prepared for it, trying to forget that soon I'll have a minor surgery. Being preoccupied by something else, helps a lot.

I opened my set in the middle and put it three different new bits, in fact, four, to make it thicker. Three of four where hits, the forth I'll have to reformulate still.

In all, my performance went very well, and I provoked lots of laughter. I also learned, that the cabaret or variety audience is less reactive, less keen to answer, to shout, then those used to comedy clubs. They still enjoy it a lot and laugh, but they react differently. It is not so difficult to adjust to it one one realize it.

It was great, the organizers were also happy with the result of my performance and, for the first time, I was paid for Comedy, not only for Storytelling. And now, I am sure, I have 10 or more minutes!

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