Thursday, December 15, 2011

Full day, with Silver Comedy, then Storytelling Workshop

Silver Comedy Christmas056 by Julie70
In south of London, but one hour distance from my place, a nice Comunity centre, Kennington Park near Oval Station, bus and underground.

The Silver Comedy "troup" arrived early, and I was not too much late either, and the "public", with silver hair, (or painted) arrived also a bit later.

Many of them, from Portugeze or Spanish speeking countries originally, arrived in London a long time before me, most.

This lady, come in our RomCom, telling she is the real wife, the real mother, and leaving me, alone... till Cee did not tell all "even if I was not the real one" he will love me always. It was fun to improvise, even if I have still much to learn.

Great comedians, Mr Cee as well as Kathy, I will never arrive at their level, but called in later for a RomCom, that turned out finally more impro suspense comedy, I did play my part not to bad finally. With help with two other elder from the audience.
Silver Comedy Christmas039

At first, we danced with this old gentlemen from Brazil, who did not speak one word of English, but was funny and had fun too, cheek to cheek as he suggested, then I showed the young ones how they should dance, and imitated modern dance, showed we can do it too, but it is less "interesting".
Silver Comedy Christmas031
With the games, animation, comedy, we made all enjoy themselves, all participate in a way or the other.

It was also a great lesson to me how to take out chairs, too many at the beginning, and make a smaller semi circle, and then as more came make the circle bigger! Each time, I do learn more then one lesson.

Even if I was the one moderating the Storytelling Workshop in the evening, I learned also there, not only from my to colleague animators, but also from all participants, their questions, and scenes they played, one by one.

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