Sunday, March 18, 2012

Division H Councel Meeting in Reigate

Quint small town, about an hour from South of London. With my two passes, the Free Pass for Greater London and the Senior Travel for the rest, it did not cost me much money.

Of course, it is not the same about my time. I went out of my door a bit after 6 in the morning, to arrive only at 8 25 at Reigate High Street. And we were not yet there yet!

A very interesting meeting, so well prepared and conducted, and with a Skype connection and a far away telephone connection (I was very impressed!) I was mostly very pleased to meet so many familiar, friendly faces!

Then, I had to rush, alas away, take the train in the other direction, to be at my afternoon Workshop of True Storytelling, at Canal Cafee Theatre, conducted with maestria by Joanna Yates.

In three hours, we did understand much better what works well in storytelling, how important is to begin when the crisis is there and to be there actively in the moment with details. At the end, all told stories!

I arrived home 12 hours after going out, a bit tired, of course, but what a great day it was!

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