Friday, March 2, 2012

Ed Compère in Tooting for last time

Comedy in Tooting, gave his last performance, with Ed, compère without compare and Kirk wonderful host.

We will miss them!

We will find them back in new places.

I fumbled yesterday, felt too much, told too little. There is so much more work behind the scenes to make good comedy night happen.

To have a good place, background. Great mic in working order and good music system. To adapt the mic to how each is using it! To make a warm welcoming mood. The host.

To choose who will be on, and it what order each time. To make a great intro so they feel confident and the audience open to laugh and ready to be noisy. The organizer, compère.

I wanted to remind of all that yesterday, but finaly the emotion made the words remain in me. And me, fumble even with my set. Leave my photos behind at the end.

Well, I did arrive home after 1 at night, and I had my keys, and my memories of great place and wonderful organisers. To whom I did not thank as I could have, would have, wanted.

I have other pictures and I hope, other occasions to tell all how wonderful they are.

How much I undersand, that good mic, good mood, good audience and comics, do not appear out of the air, but it is the work of lot of choices, intelligence and soul.

I went there, hoping to have a photo with both of them, together with me, and came home exhausted, even did not stay for a drink that was offered. When I want, I use the excuse "I am already 77", but in fact I am "only 77"

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