Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Evening at Picadilly

I was hesitating, but Aline called last minute: come! I did.

Bus to train, train to Charing Cross, near Trafalgar Square. A new statue! Of course, they change those, from time to time.

Walked towards Picadilly and found the street, but not the Comedy place. Of course, the name was not Comedy Bin or The Lion's Ben Comedy, it was "rumba" bar for, usually, showing women... dancing around a pol...

It was just the time for putting our name on, for a set. You perform? Yes. OK. They stamped my hand. I was on!

The only one "aged lady" I was interpelled a few time and each time I made them laugh. Well done!

My to comedy pals were around me, bought me Coca Cola, I felt not alone. The place filled out finally, more then thirty and yes, a warm, laughing audience. A good compère. Good mic and lights just so, too.

Aline passed the first, great performance! They draw out the names from a funny hat. Gunny was also in the first half.
The Lion's Den Comedy (3)
A great and funny compère
My time arrived later. I killed! They really enjoyed my set and I loved that audience too.

Mostly young men, from everywhere, but also some couples and a few young women comedians too. They appreciate even more "gram" comic.
The Lion's Den Comedy (6)
It was a memorable night, well worth the 6 hours spend for those 5 minutes! In fact, not only five, because I enjoyed also the comic numbers of the others.
Trafalgar Square-05

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