Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"London's calling"

I go far from home, well, one and half hour distance with taking one bus after the other, but suddenly, Liverpool street is there, so full with things to take!

And of course, then, after just a few takes, my camera dies. The battery no more working.

Well, it is better then if I died on stage at the Dirty Dicks Comedy show called "Dead comedian's socks". It is called like this because a comedian who does not get laugh, is 'dead' that night. Well, not in this place. If you feel like dying, you touch the socks behind you, and the public cheers! And you feel uplifted again to go on.
Dead Comedian Socks
I did not have to touch yesterday. But the idea is nice, and two comedians, who did not get laugh in some places, did touch and did get cheers.

Blue baloons in London  by Julie70The only one who really died on the stage, from twenty, went on without even realising he did not get laugher or cheers... But they were 5 new comedians at their first appearances, perhaps he was between them.

I'll have to go back one at least, to take more photos in that place, near the station, on the street, so much is going on!
Bykes in London
Tonight, I am way West, even farther, also South of London, at Comedy Bin's Alchemist. 225 St Johns Hill London SW11 1TH

I recharge my battery now, fast!

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