Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmass on the streets


You asked me to take some pictures of Christmass decorations on the streets of London for the pupils learning English in Canary Islands.

When I know, it is for someone, there is interest, I am more enthousiast and willing to go out, even in cold weather to take images.

This morning, I ressembled some old ones, in 3 sets, on flickr: Christmass in England, Christmass in France and in Spain. Here some from France, Paris and around it mostly, assembled thinking of children.

Between all in England to which I still have to add this month, and some old ones that I have to find yet, this drawing on the wall in Rochester, at the begining of this note and one in the park near my place where "papa noêl" came on huge byke to see the children.

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