Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A hat for 21 Decembre

A hat makes such a difference!

I do not wear or have many hats, but I realise their importance more and more.

This one, was given to me by my grand-son last year.

I looked at the mirror yesterday morning, my hair got too long, will not stay any longer in its place, but this hat hide all that.

I could take a "first winter day" picture for a flickr group that ask us to take pictures at four days separating the seasons of the year.

Taking a picture of myself, nothing new. So I tried to add to it different expressions. This one of surprise with eyes open big, is my favourite.

Continuing to like playing, like a child, even at the "respectable age" of 76, is useful not only. for my future storytelling, about which I thought taking the picture, but also my own soul. I am responsible as an adult but playful as a child. At least, I try to be both.

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