Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lights on river

I did not stay long, but I went nearer the river, first, as soon as come out of the Temple station, to admire the lights on the river.

The camera I had does not zoom a lot, but my eyes, remember.

I will have to go out at the same place, when the sun sets. In the spring or summer it does set a lot later.

I am happy to join a new club, a flexible club, and a welcoming warm and interesting one too. Already yesterday, I learned. Learned how to do, and how to improve doing too. I will have to introduce more my readings, and tell also what I liked about it and why I choose them.

I am less sure to tell why they should like it.

Each should choose why they like, not? There are so many different things we can take away with us from a poem or a story!

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