Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sale sale sale: London 2009

I still have to go out to see and take images of the end of year in London.

But last year, I was active and went out.

It seems to me now, that I was so young!

Perhaps the feeling of "young" will come back, but meanwhile here are some of the pictures I took last year, reworked this morning.

They capture the "look and feel - and mood".


  1. Hi! I'm a teacher of English in The Canary Islands. I love your pictures because they show the real London. Do you mind to take pictures of Christmas decoration around London streets and show them on this web or on your Flickr? I would like to share them with my pupils because they are learning English culture. I think this could be a close way for them to get to know how Christmas is celebrated in England. Thanks in advance.

  2. I already have old pictures of Christmas decoration in different parts of London - and Paris - but I will take of course some more for your pupils. You will find them on flickr.

    Also I will try to put "Christmass" "decorations" as tag on the old pictures, so you can find them more easy.