Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Party

Do we have to use every offer to spend our money?

I do not know, how much "tradition" is to have Christmas Partys in England, but in France and Romania and Hungary, wherever I lived, Christmas was a Family affaire.

We gathered together, to celebrate it in family, inviting friends too, dear and near friends and relatives.

We did not go "out" !

At the end of the year, for the night of 31 it was different. We did gather with friends mostly of our age to dance, drink and eat, "so we be so happy as that all next year" and there were some parties outside also, even if in my youth, as we did not have much money, we mostly gathered to one or others house, bringing each of us something to contribute.

"We have to have a Christmas Party!" Do we?

Do we have to spend money for the restaurant diner, more then usual, just because it is Christmas coming?

Can we not spend our money more wisely or meet to someone's place without paying extra?

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