Sunday, December 12, 2010

Arriving from far away

Honty Hanna was one of the biggest stars of operette in Hungary for long time and the operette Gypsy princess, as it was translated wrongly in Engish from La reine de Csardas by Kalman, composed in 1917, one of the greatest operetta.

I just have bought an Australian film by opera house, alas with opera voices, and not all very acting singers, but it was a pleasure anyway.

Here is just one example of how it should be played, here the hero's mother, who in fact, even now is Princess, was a cabarette singer in her young days.

The barometer is on rain, and pain
all is not shiny today,
but let's forget all sadness
soon the good weather will return
let us forget all sadness
soon there will be sweet grape and fresh bred again

This is how an operetta should be played and sung!

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