Monday, December 20, 2010

What went wrong?

My daughter was supposed to arrive this morning.

Her plane never left.

The British Airways decided to cancel the flight, also this morning some planes do arrive to Heathrow.

I was wondering how come a huge city's biggest airport can be frozen with a bit of snow, until I heard the speaker on the television explain: they did not have the equipment necessary to clean the runways. They did not think it is worth the money.

I feel it is a shame.

We do not prepare enough for emergencies. Even when they do arrive year after year!

For the moment, I am not sad, my daughter could not arrive, in time or at all, I am furious. Of all those who do not take their responsibility of country, town, airport, airways seriously. They do take extra money for people to travel at holly days, but do not ensure they could do it.

Reputation is more easy lost then money and more difficult to gain back!

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