Sunday, December 26, 2010

Children Christmas time in Paris

this picture was taken in 2006 and come back to me now.

For me it expresses so well the wonder the children have looking at Christmas displays!

Of course, for the happiness of having received gifts, I would have to make a video of my grandson jumping and dancing around the tree full of joy, a mere picture of it would not be enough.

From the time my daughter arrived in London, all seems to go so well!

Also I was very tired yesterday afternoon, after a short sleep and a warm shower I went with the family to Christmas diner to a family I did not know before. Their daughter, friend of my grand daughter.

A wonderful English Vietnamese Christmas diner!

I was a bit too wired up and spoke perhaps too much, after a half cup of Champaign and a quarter of cup of great red wine, all that great food. Even the Christmas Pudding was great!

Two years ago, I have decided that I like everything British, but the pudding, but I was wrong! It depends which and how.

I am happy I did not stay home, when I felt tired!

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