Saturday, November 7, 2009

Our Inner child - part 1 of speech number ten

The beginning of the 10th ("Inspire") speech from the Competent Communicator Manual of Toastmasters, as I have prepared it.

In delivering it, I "played this first part" with a small box I stood up with the photo of the three year old child I was and a chair I sat down when at 5 my inner child got hurt. Adding to it as I did it, more then it is on this beginning.  I think the "proms" and the body language helped me and the audience to understand it better.

Ih the second part, I'll put also here, I spoke how the Toastmasters helped me to find my Inner child and after 70 years go on a Stage again. The Stage was Canal Café Theatre about which I told little in this speech which was mainly to inspire others to tell their personal tales also with confidence.

Inner child 1.mp3

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