Monday, November 16, 2009

York mid November

The trees more bare then in London, and the evenings cooler.

York is a beautiful old city, but no bus in the evening, or almost not, either Sunday morning. Yes, the taxis are not expensive, but very rare and not so easy to catch.

I almost regretted not having paid to stay at the Hotel Royal York, near the Station where the Toastmasters Conference was held. Specially, Friday evening, in the cold rain, until I discovered no bus any more after eight pm, and Sunday morning, when I went out at seven at the door of my Guest House, leaving the key inside, and discovered, after forty minutes, no bus until almost ten!

Finally the shop, open, called for a taxi, that arrived, 20 minutes later! It was almost eight, not to late for the conference, but waiting with a bag in the morning was no fun.

The conference was fun, for three days!

I'll tell more about it, tomorrow.

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