Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toastmasters Humorous contest winner

Bob Ferguson, from one of the London Toastmaster's club won the Humorous contest with a funny speack about how the Chips creap up now in all our life.

Not the chips made from potatoes, but the one in the "microprocessors", which are a bit everywhere nowadays.

I met Dorothea, the Editor of "TheLondonSpeaker" blog, a while ago, she is announcing, then present, at every workshop in London. I took Bob's photo because she asked me to do so, but this one, them together come out best.

So many pictures, but even more, so many people met, so many interesting Toastmasters - as Louanne said "I went in Dublin to the Toastmasters club to met interesting people." Finally, she got out also lots of other things from it.

Me too.

I learned so much this year! And yes, also met lots of great people, weather they are at the very beginning, fearful yet to stand up and speak but daring it anyway, or have years and years of experience speaking in public.

Each of us has something to say, and each has a story being, each is a nice human being.

Well, perhaps with the exception of only one keeping to say on a slip of paper "I did not understood anything from what you said, and you should have told something very different." Meaning, finally he did understand what I said, otherwise how could he tell what I did say?

I must have hurt him with something way back, but I even do not know who he is. And beside, many others, do remember well what I did say, one time or other, and tell me that it did help them to remember, to understand, and so on;

Toatmasters is a great organization, and only human too. I am happy to do my part in it. Help beginners, help those who do not understand yet, do not know how too...

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