Sunday, January 23, 2011

My freedon, your freedom

Good questions for debate, great "Table Topics" too.

An elected parliament, elected government, could ask the Media to report "proper" or does this infringe the freedom of the press?

Those thoughts come to me after the discussion in the European Commission or Parliament, after the new elected Hungarian Prime Minister report got voted.

Does the Media have the right to Control an democratic elected government, does the elected have the right to ask the media to report "proper" and truth? What is the truth? Is how the media shows events "truth"? As I see it, not very often... for sure, not always.

We do express of course different opinions, we have different view of the same event, and it is not only one "proper" way to express it. But a media should not "control" either because they are biased often and going more for sensational then uncovering the complex truth.

To be pondered....

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