Friday, January 7, 2011


I was waiting for a doctor when I took this image, that I like a lot, still now. It was almost six years ago!

I did not have to wait long, but when one is afraid, one hour seems very long.

The very good doctor, almost did not speak at all with me, but he did explain what he found to his assistant. "All is well" at least, not bad. No operation is needed, as I did suppose, but they did not even did what they have prepared me a month ago, that they will.

I was afraid for all this time, for nothing.


I behaved, like a child, not an adult, not like an old experienced woman. Not outside, toward those in hospital, but inside me.

Who knows, perhaps from all this, I can make a story...

Like Richard, a colleague from Toastmasters told us, I have made a Monster giant menacing me, and it shrink when reality arrived.

Reality become so small relative to all what I imagined in lived in myself! Now, I can go on with more energy, as the imagined Giant does not frighten me any more, does not sap a huge part of my energy, any more!

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  1. How wonderful to be rid of that awful giant that was zapping your energy and making you fearful.

    That awful giant visited me during my recent surgery. He's no longer with me. I'm sure he's moved on to terrify some other unsuspecting victim.