Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My life's story

The story of my life 
another version

Julie, 70My life’s story
Is like my hometown
Made of peaks and valleys
Ups and downs and few peaks
Some peaceful, happy plateaux
When I felt at the top of the world
Not realizing being so near the edge
And that soon I will be sorry.
This is my life’s story

I lived it fully, it had plenty
Pain, regrets and failures.
Also work, enthusiasm and joys
Persistence, beliefs and blind spots 
JULI 15 Bitter disappointments, too many times
And yet I have no regrets.
Of the story of my life

I thought I’ll stay always
In my quiet adored town
From the familiar place, we had to flee
From an imagined paradise turned into enemy

Then we discovered, knew and loved other places,
Other people and searched for new friends.
I am not sorry,
This is my life’s story,

Several countries enriched me
Even people hurting, taught me.
Juli painting 14 years My mother raised me to be independent
Taught me early: my actions have consequences
I assumed. Fall, but each time rebounded
Long after... or in the next hour.
This is the story of my life

My father taught me not to give up
Resist long time, use all circumstances,

My diaries: from 10 to 70...Even when it is difficult, go up singing,
Even when it hurts, continue on smiling
In face of adversity do not flee, keep going.
My friends helped me blossoming.
This my life’s story.

My husbands loved, then betrayed me,
But good friends accompanied all my life
They supported, comforted and listened
Despite me, often the truth showed.

I acted on my own, often from my heart
I do not regret nor reasoning nor my passions.
This is the story of my life

Full of projects not too badly realised
Not just dreams, but often becoming realities.
Two wonderful children and five grandchildren,
And a society created helping to grow them,
Two published books and full of texts written
I helped whenever I could,
At least as much as I have been helped.
This is the story of my life

Enfin le livre d'Hypercard!Open, described and published
A lot already on the web, if not all.
I reflected it, even if never enough
I wrote about it from age ten to today.
I loved, several times adored,
I do not regret even when deceived.
I hated, then put it aside to heal.
Of my bitterness, I escaped to learning.
This is the story of my life.

Along the tortuous path and unbeaten trails
Books and authors accompanied me all along.
Many stories, novels and dear poems
Enchanted me, helped and enlightened,
Made me think and deepened my life
They helped me live and tell also to others,
 The stories of my life.
Julie Kertesz 2003
Translated and adapted in 2011

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