Saturday, January 15, 2011

International Organization

I was present at the first Macintosh developers conference in San Jose, California, here is the "prove" its logo.

Showing Apple's International intent and developers. Funny, that I just realise, that the Eiffel Tower is bigger then the Statue of Liberty on it and the Macintosh bigger then the Tour of Pisa!

Wednesday, I will speak about the first Toastmasters club meeting, held in a Californians YMCA basement and its first "basic manual of 15 projects".

I was not yet born in 1924, but I joined first, just a bit more then 3 years after in was open to women, too. At the time, as in social clubs, present members voted who can or not come in, now it is "open" and at least in UK we do not vote any more.

The only problem with that is that becoming a member is too easy, "just pay for the year and firsts manuals" and the "promise" to attend, to prepare, to serve, to bring guests, is not even realised. Not told.

If I ever become a president to a club, I will make sure, that each time a new member joins it is introduced with solemnity and that he reads aloud to all to hear the "toastmasters promise", good to understand and remember.

Perhaps, I could hold a Table Topics event, or an evening, structured around the ten promises most even do not read!

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