Sunday, January 9, 2011

I begun blogging 6 years ago

At 70 I was afraid suddenly of my age.

Then I discovered the blog world, and opened my blog "Il y a de la vie apres 70 ans": there is life after 70 years...

At that time, it was mostly to prove it to myself, then to the other. But also, to show that at 70 we are not old in spirit!

I have opened at the same time an English blog, but somehow it did not "gel" and finaly it was transformed in a Retroblog, where I published, day by day, my diary, translated in French.

This blog does not have three years but less then three, I begun it, timidly as I was thinking, perhaps I'll go to London. I did! What a journey it was!

There is a wonderful life in London, even when one is nearer the 80 now then the 70... even if this blog is not much read, I thanks all who do come to it!

In six years, I opened and abandoned a few other blogs, but this and the personal French one and the Photoblog are the only one I still write day by day. And the new one, Competent Communicator, where I write about Communication and speaking in Public and storytelling.

The world of blogs opened a new window for me, as coming to London did too.

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  1. Enjoyed your blog. It's exciting to know people like you, still young in mind and open to new things. Age doesn't matter.