Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 new icebreakers from Lewisham Speakers

It is not easy to break the Ice, give the first speech in the Toastmaster Club, the first of ten of the Competent Communication manual.

But how happy one is when it is done, and well done!

They, as I two years ago, had fears, anxiety, lots of preparation, then gone for it and after, realised how friendly really the audience is, and that they are able to create and deliver well a speech.

All three of them have done it with brio.

John, the 19th and Chiang and Eric two weeks before. And what good speeches they were, each different, each special in their own way!

As you see, now they are so happy they have done it, and done it well. From now on, they could continue with new confidence.

I think the confidence we gain, is the most precious gift the Toastmasters clubs give us.

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