Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bonefire night at Blackheath

We were twenty, invited to a small and very nice apartment, in the basement across the street, and about 15 between us arrived from all over the world.

Japan and South America, Nigeria or Bulgaria, Vietnam or Poland. And so many more! A nice chat, two short prayers, a huge and good diner, and then we went out to see the fireworks.

Even with cold wind and later a bit of rain forbidden me finally to take more pictures of them, I had wonderful time and liked a lot the fireworks.

Frozen a bit, after that a hot drink and a hot dog in St John's church was welcome, but even more the interesting social mood I found there, so unlike anything I associated until now with "church".

A camera music in one corner, but not many listened, sitting in groups, on chairs or on the ground, chatting together instead. I was stunned and pleased too.

Last image from yesterday, three beautiful girls from the church entrance.
Bonefire night at St John's-9
In all, it was a great night!

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