Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Going towards

One does not know always exactly towards where one is going, even if there is a goal far away.

Crossing the footbridge from the Toyal Festival Hall towards Embarkader, and Charring Cross, in the humid weather after the meeting of the Artist's Way Meetup group, I was fascinated this time, more with the quiet bridge itself, and its main one light then with the reflections on the Thames.

That shows that all usual beauty fades with time, we are less fascinated and marvel more some new things. But there are so many around us!

Here are some of my images taken yesterday after ten, in reverse order, the last ones at the begining. My preference for the moment goes to the one that has in fact to be seen in very big because it is the darkest.

London Center Evening_0278
Ray of hope? The way to go? I do not know, it does signify perhaps something else to each of us and even to me in different moments.

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