Sunday, November 16, 2008

Going closer

I am original from Transylvania, a province, once in the times even independent, between Hungary and Romania.

Left when I was 14 but somehow when I think of my origin, that is what I find as answer. I am not from "Romania", and that is not because the gypsies on the streets has given it bad names recently. I did not feel Romanian, even when I lived there, until I was 30.

I am not Hungarian, even if my mother language is and that I did not speak almost any other until I was 14, and even if my culture is Hungarian more then any else. I went to Hungary a few times, and less and less I felt "Hungarian", real one.

I am French, yes, for I have lived in France more then in any place and now, for a long time already I write in French in my diary, probably I even think in that language!

But if was Transylvania when I went back so many years after, I felt as "I am home, again".

I never lived in the country, my home was the biggest town the university town far from the mountains, we had only slight slopes. And long traditions. But even when I went with my car to tour the country side, I felt "home".

Stopped, near a small street, no asphalt in those villages! That peasant come with his old looking scythe, and I was interested in taking it. As soon as he had seen us, who I was with I do not remember, he took of his hat.

He posed, when he understood, I want him with his instrument.

Then I went closer.

I promised that I'll send him a photo, he was happy and gave me his address. But going closer, speaking to him, I observed his beautiful blue eyes, his nice friendly face too.
What beautiful eyes!
And I learned also, it is worth going closer to people, speaking with them, taking a second look.

If I ever make a book, as I intend, he will be my first example. From him started all the other images, one from farther, the second a lot closer. When I felt it is too close to give a good portrait, I went fast a bit farther and zoomed. But I still like approach, speak. About them, about me. Feel the connection.

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