Thursday, November 13, 2008

A hungarian arrives in London

Is he Hungarian? From Transylvanian 'székely" small town, not so far from where my father came. He is in fact from Romania, as Transylvania is not part of that country. It begun just 90 years ago.

He went to study in Kolozsvàr (Cluj ?apoca now) were I was born, then to work to Budapest as programmer, and just a week ago, he arrived from Hungary in London.

In a week, he joined 54 Meetup groups! And come Monday to the one I go regularly, week by week. After the meeting, we chatted, I took his portrait, then went to stroll toward Trafalgar Square, still speaking, of course, in Hungarian.

He told me about the clouds that have different quality and colors, depending from where they come, as his neighbor had shown him while he lived still in his small town. He intends to go and see them on the place, from were they come, and I feel he will. He will do what is needed to fulfill his dreams, making them become reality.

Then I went to his profile and discovered that one of the groups he created, I have visited and left note about me in it, 11 month ago! Is it a coincidence, I do not think. But could be.

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