Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All kinds of beauty

I go from Charring Cross, through the Embarkader tube entrance to the foot bridge, every Monday, marveling at the floor design and the camera's deformations of it.

I try to catch people in Red.

London from the footbridge (46)dvRed scarf, red coat, red hat.

Sometimes, the red comes and goes away too fast, like a phantom only caught on the image. Even that, is fascinating.

Then, from the footbridge towards the Royal Festival Hall, I admire the lights, on the bank and in the Thames.
London from the footbridge (5)
London from the footbridge (16)
This week, I did not stop at the station and went to the Trafalgar Square, took some pictures of the illuminated National Gallery. Not so bad, but usual. It was slightly raining.

Dark and rain, brrr. Usually.
National Gallery at night (5) LondonNational Galery & reflection in puddle (3)
This time it was like a miracle!

In the puddle, before the illuminated Gallery, suddenly I have seen a new life, a whole building, columns of an other time. So difficult to show all I have suddenly seen in the puddle!

Here, some of it.
National Museum (11)
So many different kinds of beauties in the world!

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