Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween for me were the shops and the children and even bigger young people contemplating what they should or could buy for yesterday night.

No one come to knock at my, apartment door or ring, and I finally did not have enough courage to go out and look for some, although I did buy some bonbons prepared to give them away.

Even my grand children did not show me how they went out, if they did. But I did take photos of different shops offerings for the Hallowen. How many and how different!

I understood now even better those teaching their children or smaller brothers to make a face, and "scare' trick or treat without spending any money for it. As it arrived to me once in Argenteuil, near Paris, when some of my neighborhood kids came.
Halloween: they try their worst!
I did invite them and they modeled for me, either showing me their worsts expressions or smiling happy.

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